About Me

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Kirsten, a nineteen year old uni student from Sydney, Australia.

I have a strong love for books, poetry, journal articles and all other areas of the literary world. Besides reading, I’m a passionate Christian, feminist, vegan and humanitarian.

I’ve recently learned that plans are overrated but if  I had a goal it would be to make a difference in the world by inspiring people and bringing them happiness through the wonderful world of literature.

My Story

After graduating high school, I went straight into a business degree and quickly discovered that I had no love for economics and accounting so I dropped out and headed for Europe. When I got back, my next attempt at university was a midwifery degree, which, despite my awe for the profession, was not for me either. With two failed attempts behind me, I decided to go back to the one constant I have always loved.

Today, I am back at university studying creative writing and this time I am going all in! I’m so excited to start sharing with you the writers whom I admire and the characters I have come to love. My hope is that they will bring the same joy to you that they have to me.